Services at Shout Clinic - 467 Jarvis Street location ended March 31, 2011

Shout has moved to CTCHC - Queen West Community Health Centre

168 Bathurst Street

Toronto ON M5V 2R4

Telephone: (416) 703-8482

How to get here by TTC:

From Bathurst Station - take the Bathurst 511 streetcar travelling southbounds towards Exhibition. Get off at Queen Street. We are on the southwest corner of Queen Street and Bathurst Street

From Osgoode Station - take the Queen 501 streetcar travelling west. Get off at Bathurst Street. We are on the southwest corner of Queen Street and Bathurst Street.

Shout Clinic services are for homeless and street involved youth, 16 - 24 years of age.

Shout Clinic opened in July 1992 as a result of concerns expressed by community agencies about the health of homeless and street-involved youth, and the difficulties these youth had in accessing mainstream health providers. In 2002, there over 10,000 health care visits by young people under 25.

Shout Clinic provides comprehensive health services for homeless and street-involved youth under 25. We are located in downtown Toronto with a city-wide mandate. The main purpose of Shout Clinic is to reduce barriers to accessing health care for this youth population. Shout Clinic is part of Central Toronto Community Health Centres, which is a non-profit charitable organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

It is estimated that there are about 10,000 street youth in Toronto at any one time, ranging in age from the early teens to mid-twenties. Research and our experiences at Shout have shown that it is an unbearable home life that often leads many young people to leave home and wind up on the streets. Others are kicked out by parents. The initial "excitement" of street life soon wears off, and street involvement becomes only temporary. Once on the street, few are able to get jobs or welfare assistance. Recent studies show less than a third to be on welfare or any kind of government assistance. Given the harshness of street life, the risks of physical and sexual assault, the constant hunger, deprivation, and the instability that characterizes their lives, home life is still seen as a much worse option for many of these youth.

Our Approach
Shout Clinic represents a unique and successful experiment in the delivery of health and social services. Perhaps the most important feature of the work of Shout Clinic is the degree to which services are tailored to the needs of our clients - street youth.

The community health centre approach of providing care at Shout means that staff not only deal with the treatment of disease and illness, but also deal with the broader social, cultural, and economic factors that influence health and well-being, such as: housing, education, employment, social supports and the environment. In order to deliver effective service for young people, Shout Clinic was developed with the following criteria in mind:

  • a thorough knowledge of the street youth population
  • a value base that is non-judgmental and supportive
  • a creative approach to service delivery that builds on partnerships
  • an effort to involve youth in the planning and delivery of services
  • a commitment to advocate for systemic and attitudinal changes.

Serving Toronto Youth
In 2003,

  • 80 Legal Clinic Visits
  • 66 Employment Clinic Visits
  • 101 Chiropractic Clinic Visits
  • 412 Identification Clinic Visits
  • 6,073 Health Care Visits
  • Approximately 500 Dental Clinic visits

The Shout Bursary Program
Shout's Bursary Program provides full and part time bursaries to past and current clients.

  • $5,700 to 10 clients in 2003
  • $3,300 to 6 clients in 2004

Funding Sources:
Shout Clinic, with the exception of the operational costs of the Dental Clinic, operates with the ongoing support and generosity of:

  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Ontario Resources and Development Canada
  • Private, individual and corporate donors

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