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Queen West Services and Programs

In order to become a registered client you must live in our catchment area in order to receive services from our doctors and nurses. For new clients, there may be a waiting list. Call 416-703-8480 to book an appointment or for more information.

  • Individual day and evening appointments
  • Urgent care services for registered clients 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • foot care services (chiropody)
  • Chiropody services (foot care) for clients over 65 years of age
  • Diabetes education program
  • Psychiatric consultation and mental health services
  • Diabetes education program
  • Perinatal Nursing

Dental Clinic

The dental clinic is located on the second floor of the Queen West Community Health Centre. The clinic provides dental services at reduced fees. These include cleaning, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns and dentures. Payment methods include cash, debit card, Visa and Master Card. Dental insurance and social assistance plans are also accepted (OW, GWA, ODSP, DSCP, NIHB). The dental staff is comprised of 3 dentists, 2 dental assistants and 1 dental receptionist. The staff speak several languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Bengali.

For more information please contact Heidi, the dental receptionist at extension 203. Call 416-703-8481 to book an appointment. The catchment area does not apply to dental services.

We offer individual and group counseling to clients living in the Queen West catchment area who are dealing with personal, emotional or mental health and addictions concerns. We also work with parents of young children age 0 to 6. There may be a waiting list. Call 416-703-8480 ext. 400 to speak to a staff member about your needs.

Specialized Medical Services for the Homeless
For people who are homeless, staying in a shelter or with a friend because you have no place of your own, we provide special services from our health care team. We offer:

  • a drop-in health clinic
  • outreach visits by nurses to shelters and drop-ins
  • foot care services (chiropody)
  • a service to help you get or replace ID
  • a counselor who can help with referrals etc.
  • psychiatric counseling

Harm Reduction Program
Harm reduction staff provide educational and support services to individual clients and community groups on topics such as safer sex, safer drug use, Hepatitis C and HIV prevention.

Needle Exchange
The Needle Exchange is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm. We offer needles, safer crack use kits, condoms and other supplies, and a place to discuss safer drug use, or get referrals to rehabilitation programs and other supports in the community. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on weekends, Outreach Workers meet drug users on the streets to provide supplies, information and support.

Anonymous HIV Testing
We offer anonymous HIV testing services, info on safer sex/drug use and referrals. Call 416-703-8482 ext. 100 to book an appointment.

The Toronto Raver Information Project (T.R.I.P.)
TRIP provides peer-based safer drug use and safer sex education to Toronto's diverse electronic music communities. Staff and volunteers distribute educational materials, condoms, lube and earplugs at events on weekends. For more information visit www.tripproject.ca or email trip@ctchc.com or call 416-703-8482 ext. 125.

Perinatal Program
Every Thursday, we offer a comprehensive program for pregnant women and new mothers. Staff from several agencies, such as nurses, community workers and dietitians offer information, support and resources. Languages spoken include English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Portuguese. For more information, please call the Early Years Health Promoter at 416-703-8482 ext. 235. For information in Chinese, call the Chinese Community Health Promoter at 416-703-8482 ext.230. For information in Portuguese, call the Portuguese Health Promoter at 416-703-8482 ext.232.

Voice Mail
Many people use voice mail to stay in contact with friends and family, or to look for a job or a place to live. Even if you don't have a phone, you can obtain a personal voice mail number at a low cost of $10 for three months. Call 416-760-6000 or 416-703-8482 ext. 234 to find out about dates and times for registration..


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